lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

My friend Laura

Hi! Today I’m going to talk you about my friend Laura. I met Laura at school, when we were in seventh grade (the same class). At the beginning we weren’t close friends but we got along really well… sometimes we had very interesting and funny talks. We were in second year of the secondary school when we started to talk more frequently because she started a love relationship with my cousin!. At the end of the year, Laura left the city and move on to Valdivia. Then, we tried to stay in touch, so we called each other a lot and we get very very close, in spite of not seeing each other face to face. Since then, we have been best friends; we always chat and tell each other everything! I really trust her. We try to meet at least one time a year, so she goes to Chiloe or I go to Valdivia. The last time we see was in the summer, she spent about a week in my house and we had a great time together. I would like to see her more often… We have many things in common: we have the same sense of humor and we think about life in a very similar way, that’s why we understand very well each other and we can advice the other successfully. :)

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Classes in January...

During the first semester we were in classes at University because of the student protest last year. I was very committed with the cause, so I get really sad when we stopped being one hundred percent committed to the social movement and started going to classes. In spite of that, I really enjoy the past semester. I had to choose the classes I wanted to take and I did very good choices. There were classes where I could did some small “researches” about education, so I learned a lot and I reinforce my conviction of fighting for a different education. Another thing I didn’t like about going to classes in January was that I –obviously- had to stay in Santiago. I wasn’t used to spend my vacations far from home (in Chiloe)… and I wasn’t used to the weather neither! In my city the summer is not as hot as it is in here. But it wasn’t really a problem for me, I get used to it. About sports and free time activities… I actually didn’t do anything during the first term of this year. Normally I am a very active person, I am always doing some sport or taking classes of ballet or something… But I get really lazy last year… Oh! I just remember that during my short vacations in February I went camping with my friends. We went to a beautiful place in Chiloe called “Tricolor”, I have never going there and it was amazing! Well, the point is that I had to walk a lot! We spend almost seven hours walking through the mountains and big stone beaches, so the walking was very exhausting… I think that’s the only thing that I did that is similar to sports.