lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

English classes

First of all, I have to say that I’ve always liked English because I love music and movies, and there are lots of productions that are made in this language. And I watch movies or listen to music very very often, so I use English a lot and that’s why I like it: because it helps me understand these things.

Honestly I don’t like much English at University because I think we should learn things that are important for us, for every student, and for example, if we all do the same reading it’s hard that everybody get interested about it, because we don’t have the same interests. I know that maybe that’s the idea of the blog, that everyone could write about a personal issue, and I like it… I think it’s great that we could do some “semi free writing”: give our opinions, tell our stories and get to know our classmates. But it’s always the same… so, after some classes it gets a little boring…L But I have to admit that I have learned some words thanks to the activities that we’ve done and thanks to the blog too…

I would like to improve my pronunciation and there are some grammatical rules that I don’t know. But I think this kind of things are learnt when you practice English in topics that you’re interested about. Plus, I have a terrible memory so I don’t remember what are the grammatical rules that I don’t know, I just remember them when I’m watching tv series or doing something like that. So, for me it would help that we could do some listening using tv shows, maybe watching scene movies without subtitles or listening songs that I like –or the entire group likes- and try to translate them. Also I would like to play some games in English, it would be funny :D. For example, I heard that in some class they play “Adivina quien” but in English. I LOVED this game when I was a kid so it would be instructive and moving playing that again. :’)  

Well, English classes are getting to the end… so, I think I would improve these skills as always, watching English movies or tv show, listening to music… and things like that.

lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

'Conversion therapy' for gay patients

Today I’m going to comment about a new of “the guardian”. Well, I choose a new called “<> for gay patients unethical, says professional body” (October 1, 2012). First of all, I have to explain that “Conversion therapy” refers to the therapy that psychologists do to “convert” the sexual orientation of the pacient/client, especifically for gay people to be heteresexual. 
In UK there’s a big mess about it, because the profesional body -it means psychologists and people related to the area- think this is an unethical procedure, because it assumes that homosexuality it’s a mental disorder or a disease that can be “healed”, changed or “converted”. 

They think it’s an unethical way to procede because homosexuality isn’t a disease or anything similar. And also they afirm that this kind of therapy can cause more damage to the person than helping. Instead of this way of looking homosexuality, they believe in an inclusive society that doesn’t judge people because of their sexual preferences. Well, the amazing about this topic is that there were a lot of psychlogists doing this! 

A 2009 survey of 1.300 therapists, psychoanalysts and psychiatrists found more than 200 professionals had tried to change at least one patient’s sexual orientation. The new ends showing that people realized that it’s important to have statutory regulations of the proffesions, to prevent this kind of things. 

 Well this topic compromise directly to psychologists. I think therapy is not and “innocent” thing. In my opinion, if you want to do therapy you have to think a lot about what you’re doing, because Psychology is not neutral, what you do or don't do in your work is related with your own values and your way of understand the world. 

But honestly, this is one of the things i don’t like about Psychology, things like “conversión therapy” occur because Psychology is a discipline with great power in our society. People think that we can read their minds, and tell them what is right and what is not. I think this is very dangerous. Well, that’s it, sorry for my pessimistic posts! = (

Ah!, Here is the link of the new if you want to see it:

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012


Well, I didn’t vote in the past elections, and I don’t know if I have certain reasons of why I didn’t do it. I just didn’t have to think much about it, I just knew I was not going to vote. It was an “emotional” decision, if you want to call it somehow. But… If I think about it a little more, the first reason I get it’s that I don’t like this political system, and I think the act of voting validates that system in some way. For me it’s clear that politics has nothing to do whit voting once every four years. I think it doesn’t have any sense, voting and then just look how the elected ones destroy our life and even though, they don’t even listen if we not agree with what they are doing. Even worst, they have the “power” to silence your voice!! – or at least they believe they can, and they have police from their side- I know a few people that didn’t vote. They did it for a reason similar than mine. But also, this people are as young as me. So, I don’t know if all “no voting” people took this decision with the same arguments. Anyway, I think majority of Chilean people are disappointed of our “democracy” system and they are disappointed of the politicians too… I think there’re a part of Chileans that are hopeless, and think “this is not going to change”, no matter what we do. But there are others –including me- that are angry with the system and believe there is another kind of politics that we can build with our own hands.