lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012


I live in Santiago since I started going to the University, four years ago. I lived all my life in Chiloe Island. If you know Chiloe, you probably could imagine the difference between these two cities. At the beginning I liked Santiago, because there are lots of entertainment places, like theaters, cinemas and so on. But through the years I realized that I don’t really like it, I really love to see the blue sky, the sea in front of my house, the trees all over the place, the animals… Now I think Santiago is a very “gray city”, it’s full of buildings, smog and you can’t even look at the stars at night! I think that makes it a gray city and I think people get sad for this, even though they don’t realize that. Or maybe I should talk just for myself, it makes me feel a little sad sometimes… In spite of this, there are some places that I like in Santiago, but I think it’s just because they remind me home, for example, I like “Parque Bustamante” because of the trees and people who are in the park seems to be calm, not so stressful … And as I said, Santiago has a lot of entertainment places that I really appreciate because I love art and in my city there are no many “art places” to visit. But honestly, if a foreigner would ask me what place should visit in Chile, I would recommend south of Chile instead of Santiago.

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Julian Assange

I think this case is an example of the power of some people. They arrested Assange because it was a threat to the “good image” of many powerful people. So, they accused him for something –which I’m pretty sure- he didn’t do. I think this situation occurs in lots of countries, for example, in Chile, the government is always accusing people-which they consider a threat -for crimes they didn’t commit, as students, mapuches, etc. That’s why it’s very encouraging what Ecuatorians did. I think the action of protect an innocent person reflects that –at least in this topic- Ecuatorian Government is being just and honest. Honestly I don’t know how this case is going to end, but probably it will not going to end up well for Julian Assange, because, as I said, Wikileaks revealed lots of things that most of the powerful people doesn’t want to public. Well, and if I had the chance to interview him , I really don’t know what could I ask him, but surely I would take the opportunity to congratulate him for the courage he had to create the website and updated it for so long. Also, I would express my admiration for his strength through the past few months.