lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

First day

Well, the truth is that I have a horrible memory, so I don’t remember many details of my first day at University, but I’m going to try. I remember I was coming to the fourth floor and it was full of people…I don’t know if I was nervous, maybe I felt a little lost because I didn’t know exactly where to go. I kept on walking and suddenly I saw Katy. Katy was from Arica and we had met in the summer of 2008, because we both came to the summer school (yes, we were crazy for studying at the summer haha). Well, I saw Katy and I spoke to her. Next to her was Carla, a girl from San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, and the three of us started a talk. We got along really well and we were friends during the first semester, but then we started making new friends and we distanced from each other. After founding Katy, I don’t remember anything precisely, I just remember I had a lot of classmates and they used to ask many things to the teachers. Also, I remember the teachers took us to the auditorium and gave us a welcoming speech. Oh! Now I’m not sure if that was in the auditorium or just in the classroom. As I said, I have a terrible memory. That’s it! I’m sorry for not giving more details! =(

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  1. I have a terrible memory too!! jjajaja, but I remember that my welcome was in the auditorium of ICEI and also in the FACSO' auditorium...
    I don't think that you're crazy for study in the summer, a lot of school' classmates do it.

  2. hahaha.. don't worry,I understand you: is difficult remember everything about one day!

  3. I went to FACSO in summer school too, I think its great because you met people that probably get into the same career that you before entering.But yeah, it's a little crazy to study on summer xD

  4. hahahhh I took "entertaining dance" with Carla and Kathy! hahah I don't know why I remember that with your storie

    Did you go to the grass later¿ I remember I talked with Claudia about Karate