lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

¿The greatest chilean of all time?

Well, it’s hard to think about one Chilean who could be the greatest of all time. I prefer to think there are no heros, but there are groups of people that had made great things for our country. I like history and I’ve read some books written by Gabriel Salazar. In their books he tell us the history of our “pueblo”. Not the history of “heros” who “defined” our destiny. He writes about women “de bajo pueblo”, about organizations of Young people, about country people and so on. He writes the history of the majority of the Chilean people, not the history of a few one, like school used to teach us. Well, I was really surprised when I read about Chilean women. They have always been strong and brave. There were times when they had to take care of their children without a man by their side and they had to work hard to support their families; so, most of the time, they became the principal member of the family. They established community ties… they fight for the people who disappeared during the dictatorship: for their husbands, children, brothers… And so on. I think we have to be proud of our past as women… and we have to keep the strength that has always been characteristic of them and fight for things we think are unfair. Well, I think everyone has to do that, but I believe it’s important to recognize that we’re part of a group that has an amazing history that has been hidden; maybe because they –those who write the “formal history”- are scared of what they -we- can do =).

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  1. For me it was also difficult to choose someone >.<

  2. The greatest Chileans aren't fame people at all.

  3. In fact, probably in different ways, those women and new women,in the same and new places are still fighting in different battles, that even sometimes the romantic work on "bajo pueblo" topic, hide another realities