lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012


Well, I didn’t vote in the past elections, and I don’t know if I have certain reasons of why I didn’t do it. I just didn’t have to think much about it, I just knew I was not going to vote. It was an “emotional” decision, if you want to call it somehow. But… If I think about it a little more, the first reason I get it’s that I don’t like this political system, and I think the act of voting validates that system in some way. For me it’s clear that politics has nothing to do whit voting once every four years. I think it doesn’t have any sense, voting and then just look how the elected ones destroy our life and even though, they don’t even listen if we not agree with what they are doing. Even worst, they have the “power” to silence your voice!! – or at least they believe they can, and they have police from their side- I know a few people that didn’t vote. They did it for a reason similar than mine. But also, this people are as young as me. So, I don’t know if all “no voting” people took this decision with the same arguments. Anyway, I think majority of Chilean people are disappointed of our “democracy” system and they are disappointed of the politicians too… I think there’re a part of Chileans that are hopeless, and think “this is not going to change”, no matter what we do. But there are others –including me- that are angry with the system and believe there is another kind of politics that we can build with our own hands.

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  1. Pilar, I'm very angry with the political system too but I prefer this thought when I think in this problem: ¡Don't worry, be happy! and all is good.

  2. wow, it is a very pessimistic post,even though it have a lot of truth in it.

  3. the politic is a topic very difficult u.u

  4. Lalitaaaa I think a lot like you...

    Mmmm I have my doubts about why people working in neighborhoods or at college, haven't been able to make big changes... maybe is because we haven't really proposed it, i think is absolutely legitime to reject the system by abstention, but meanwhile it keeps growing, and we are not making enough to stop it

    kisses and regardssss for youuuuuuuu <3 <3 <3 <3 <3