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'Conversion therapy' for gay patients

Today I’m going to comment about a new of “the guardian”. Well, I choose a new called “<> for gay patients unethical, says professional body” (October 1, 2012). First of all, I have to explain that “Conversion therapy” refers to the therapy that psychologists do to “convert” the sexual orientation of the pacient/client, especifically for gay people to be heteresexual. 
In UK there’s a big mess about it, because the profesional body -it means psychologists and people related to the area- think this is an unethical procedure, because it assumes that homosexuality it’s a mental disorder or a disease that can be “healed”, changed or “converted”. 

They think it’s an unethical way to procede because homosexuality isn’t a disease or anything similar. And also they afirm that this kind of therapy can cause more damage to the person than helping. Instead of this way of looking homosexuality, they believe in an inclusive society that doesn’t judge people because of their sexual preferences. Well, the amazing about this topic is that there were a lot of psychlogists doing this! 

A 2009 survey of 1.300 therapists, psychoanalysts and psychiatrists found more than 200 professionals had tried to change at least one patient’s sexual orientation. The new ends showing that people realized that it’s important to have statutory regulations of the proffesions, to prevent this kind of things. 

 Well this topic compromise directly to psychologists. I think therapy is not and “innocent” thing. In my opinion, if you want to do therapy you have to think a lot about what you’re doing, because Psychology is not neutral, what you do or don't do in your work is related with your own values and your way of understand the world. 

But honestly, this is one of the things i don’t like about Psychology, things like “conversión therapy” occur because Psychology is a discipline with great power in our society. People think that we can read their minds, and tell them what is right and what is not. I think this is very dangerous. Well, that’s it, sorry for my pessimistic posts! = (

Ah!, Here is the link of the new if you want to see it:

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  1. this are a horrible practice... I'm agree with you

  2. Oh, it is a very interesting post. Maybe in this carreer, here in facso, this isnt a topic, because we have a more critical point about the society, but in other universities, this can be, the conversión therapy, like something normal and necesary.

    The last month, in UC was the presentation about a book with a similar topic, see the homosexuality like a problem

  3. I can't believe how there are still a lots of psychologies who try to "hetero-normalize", homosexual subjets. Some weeks ago i talk with a student from Los Andes's University, and it's incredible who there work the "moral and ideology" on they.

  4. Always I believe that is an insanity think in the therapy for change the sexual orientation for the people...

  5. I don't like this kind of therapy either.

  6. We will have to wait some more ages to recognise homosexual subjects as normal subject I guess.